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Donating to OKC Metro Alliance, Inc.

OKC Metro Alliance, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)3 corporation. As a not for profit agency, your donation helps us to achieve our mission to assist Oklahomans who want to recover from substance abuse.

Financial Contributions

A cash or credit card gift is a simple and convenient way to make a charitable donation. 

In Kind Donations
such as clothing, furniture, linens, cosmetics and personal hygiene products for our clients are always accepted and appreciated.

Women's FIRSTEP Wish List

Men's FIRSTEP Wish List

Contract with Men's and Women's FIRSTEP

Help us provide work training for our men and women at FIRSTEP. We can fill your yardwork, maintenance, cleaning, or general labor needs.
Contact our Men's FIRSTEP facility at 405-799-7540 and select extension 402. To contact our Women's FIRSTEP facility call 405-794-2834 and select extension 302.
Women's FIRSTEP gladly accepts plants and plant products for our greenhouse, including pots, soil, seeds, bulbs, plugs, etc.
Contact the Women's FIRSTEP Assistant Facility Administrator at extension 303.

Contribute to our Endowment

A gift of stock or securities is a deduction, and you do not have to pay federal capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the gift.

We have a permanent endowment with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.